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Launch is not a church that wants you to simply slip in and slip out of service each week.  We are a church on the move.  We believe Jesus intended more for us as his church than to simply hold 2 services a week.  What God is doing here at Launch is special, and we want you to have a part in our next level of growth. It is very important that you to connect with the people you go to church with while building relationships and community.  At Launch Ministries, we don’t stress membership....we emphasize participation. If you are interested in becoming a part of THE LAUNCH CREW connect with a department today!
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Creative Arts Team

Our calling and purpose as an Arts team is to dwell in the presence of God through worship, not only during our weekend worship experience, but in our everyday lives. It is what we were created to do. Whether we are leading worship on stage, running sound, programming lights, praise dancing, or editing videos, our ultimate goal and focus is to bring honor to the ministry of JESUS CHRIST.   It is truly a privilege to usher people into the awesome presence of God.  Through our worship, people are drawn into a more intimate, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

What we do!

The Arts Teams are responsible for the development and implementation of the creative and technical elements that are a part of our weekend worship experience. Our goal is to create a distraction-free environment where people can connect, worship, and hear from God. The Arts teams are also constantly pursuing opportunities to make an impact in our city through helping other ministries and creatively sharing the Gospel through serving and performing.

Opportunities to Serve:

Worship – Vocalists, Instrumentalists, Praise Dancers
Tech – Sound, Lights, Cameras, Visual Directors, Stage Hands
Creative – Stage, Video, Graphics, Photography, Social Media, Research & Development

Launch Youth Department

At Launch Ministries serving our youth is saying  “yes” to impacting the next generation.  We believe that what happens on Sunday should be the best hour of our youths week.  As a team of leaders, we join together to teach Jesus to those who may have never heard about him before and to help guide families to disciple their youth to know and follow Jesus.

In every environment, from infants to twelfth grade, we want our youth to know that there is a big God with a big story that loves them no matter what. We want them to know that a relationship with Jesus means that they have the ability to change the world. We seek to impact families so they can be lights in their neighborhoods, schools, wherever they live or play so that others can know Jesus personally.

Prayer Team

Prayer is a vital component to the life of Launch Ministries. In John 15 we learn that a key to producing fruit, both in our lives as well as reaching others, is through abiding in Jesus.  Abiding has the idea of staying in close community with Jesus, listening to Him, talking to Him, and being with Him.  At Launch Ministries we help others experience and develop that kind of relationship with JESUS through the power of prayer.  Our prayer team is available every Sunday and Wednesday during and after services  as well as throughout the week.

What does the Prayer Team practically do?

Every Sunday after each service, one of the Launch Ministers Team will invite people forward who desire prayer.  The Launch Prayer Team is always ready to take the time to pray for people and follow up with them to see how God is working in their lives. In addition, prayer team members pray for the requests sent in to us each week. Our Prayer Team is largely behind the scenes but they are vital to making sure that Launch Ministries is always a place that JESUS CHRITS resides. 

Opportunities to Serve:

Prayer Leader – Responsible for leading the prayer team after one of our weekly experiences 
Prayer Team Participant – Praying with people after one or more of our weekly experiences
Beyond the Weekend Prayer Team – Daily praying for the needs of others
First Impressions

At Launch Ministries we believe that “You only have one chance to make a first impression.” The eternal value of our mission and message at Launch makes this quote a critical one. Our goal as the First Impressions team is to allow the Holy Spirit to use us to break down the spiritual barriers that people have built up by providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our guests as they arrive. We are committed to excellence, and to providing an atmosphere where people can connect with Jesus in a real and personal way.

Opportunities to Serve:

Outside Team – parking, welcoming, and security
Inside Team – greeting, guest services,  and security
Hospitality Team – coffee service, VIP visitors experience
Host Team – welcoming to the auditorium and seating

To serve on this team, we are always looking for volunteers who have a genuine love for Jesus and for every person that walks through the doors at Launch Ministries.